Bid Information

Bid Number Bid Opening Date Bid Awarded To
Bid No. 2015-0002 – Guava Street Sports Complex – 11/18/2015
RFQ No 2015-0001 Continuing Engineering Services- Ranking by Selection Committee
2/18/2015 Awarded to the Top Five
RFQ No 2014-0001 Request for qualifications for design services for the Safe Routes to School sidewalk Phase 2 7/22/2014 Connelly & Wicker Inc.
Bid No 2013-0005 – CDBG 13 NR Skyline Drainage Improvements, CDBG Contract No. 13DB-OI-06-45-02-N36 – Bid Results 1/14/14 B.R.W. Contracting, Inc.
Bid No 2013-0004 – LAP Sidewalk Improvement Project 8/16/13 Art Walker Construction, Inc.
RFP No 2013-0003 – CDBG Grant Administration Services 6/28/13 Fred Fox Enterprises
Bid No 2013-0002  Guava St -Log Cabin Sidewalk 6/14/2013 No bids received
RFQ No. 2013-0001 CEI Scope of Services 4/5/2013 Awarded to: Professional Service Industries, Inc.
Bid 2012-0004 Towing and Vehicle Recovery Services for the Town of Lady Lake 9/7/2012 Awarded to: Kling Towing 10-1-2012
Bid 2012-0002 GUAVA STREET PARK BASEBALL FIELD FENCE REPLACEMENT 7/20/2012 Awarded to: All-Rite Fence Services, Inc
BID 2012-0001 BUILDING OFFICIAL – FIRE INSPECTION SERVICES 6/29/2012 Awarded to: Nova Engineering & Environmental LLC

Request for Qualifications for

Design Services for the

Safe Routes to School Sidewalk Phase 2