Town of Lady Lake

Fast growing, responsible development

The Town of Lady Lake has a fast-growing economic business area with residential housing areas to be developed in the near future. Responsible development and quality customer service continues to be the main objective of our local government. Our current beautification program is rapidly attracting new residents and businesses, and continues to flourish. The Town’s plans focus on continued good looking, responsible development with shopping, restaurants, new schools, and new housing as well as plans for a library expansion that will greatly benefit our citizens and neighbors alike.

Town Information

  • Population 14,129 Est. 2009 BEBR, University of Florida
  • Service Area 30,000+
  • Tax Millage Rate 2015 3.5510 per $1,000 taxable value
  • Homestead Exemption $50,000.00
  • State Income Tax N/A
  • Mean Annual Temperature 73 degrees
  • Average Annual Rainfall 50.6 inches
  • Town Recreation 7 Golf Courses, Tennis Courts, Playgrounds, Soccer and Baseball Fields